FAQ (English info)


Welcome to Bøker og Børst (“books and booze” in English), a cozy coffee & beer bar

in Øvre Holmegate a.k.a. Fargegaten (the color street) in Stavanger.




Q.      COVID-19


Due to Covid-19 there are a few restrictions: Remember social distancing, minimum one meter. All ordering, payment and service at the table, we are not allowed to serve anyone at the bar counter. We have anti-bac available and adhere to all government issued rules and guides in regards to hygiene standards.

Q.      What is your opening hours?


We are usually open every day 10AM - 2AM (10:00 - 02:00). We are open for take away from 9AM (09:00)

In the summer (April - September) we open at 9AM (09:00)

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 we are currently open 10AM - 2AM Fridays and Saturdays and 10AM - 12:30AM the rest of the week. For opening hours during Christmas and Easter, please see our Facebook page


Q.      What is your age limit?


There is no age limit in daytime. In the evening the age limit is 18 years, please remember to bring your ID


Q.      Are animals permitted?


We do not permit any animals (except certified service animals) in the café. We do permit animals in the serving area in the front of the house as long as they are friendly and you keep them on a leach. Please be considerate of other guests who might be allergic or afraid of animals


Q.      Are you wheelchair accessible? 


We are sorry to say that we are not. There are stairs in the front, a couple of steps in the cafe and more stairs to access the backyard. One of the toilets is however wheelchair accessible. We do welcome wheelchairs but preferably one at a time as there is limited space inside. The serving area in the front of the house is easy accessible for wheelchairs


Q.      Can I reserve a table?


Yes you can, but there are some restrictions. Please get in touch and we'll try to accomodate you


Q.      Can I have a birthday party / private function at Bøker og Børst?


Yes, we do welcome private functions, all though we never close the café for private funtctions, only the backyard. Get in touch and we'll try to accomodate you


Q.      Do you offer private beer tastings?


Yes, get in touch.


Q.      Any other questions?


Let us know